Advertising your products and services on PropellaPage is easy!

Advertising on PropellaPage

There are two different places you can advertise on PropellaPage, on search results or on the websites' pages. All adverts appear for 24 hours.

Search Results

To advertise on search results you simply enter a search term, for example news or computer, and then enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an advert. We automatically bid up to your maximum in order to give you the best position (nearer the top of the adverts) in search results.

At 6pm each day the bidding ends. Once bidding has ended everyone that bidded has their adverts placed on to the site. The more the user paid the higher their advert appears.

Page Adverts

Page adverts are almost identical to search results adverts. The only differences are that only the top 10 bids win (and so only those bidders must pay) and that the adverts are displayed on sections of the PropellaPage website (for example home page, links page, FAQs, etc.) instead of search results.


To advertise on PropellaPage you must first register for an account. Registering is free and only takes a few seconds!